Passionately Curious | Entrepreneur at Heart | Globetrotter

Life – my passion
Traveling – my leitmotiv
Traveling with style through life – my motto

Curious and passionate, I deeply love life and everything about it:
its mysteries, its beauty and its hazards.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always questioned the meaning of life and what sense and direction I might give mine.
Since then, I walk with joy in this life I’ve been give and I have chosen, making sure to appreciate every experience’s true worth.

Between concentration and daydream, desire and letting go, action and contemplation, every day, I have to find my b a lance.

Life to me is a very exciting journey.

Living a life that makes sense and that meets our deepest aspirations is my definition of true fulfillment.
This meaning is obviously specific to each of us and the journey and the ones we travel with are more important than the destination.

Let’s enjoy our  r i d e  !

Globetrotter currently in Montreal, I was born in Antananarivo (Madagascar), where I lived until the age of 18. Since, I had the opportunity and pleasure to live in six countries and eight cities. All these immersions brought as many colours as flavours to my world –  both inner and outer.

I want zest, colours, melodies and chills…

Entrepreneur at heart and curious, I am always eager for new experiences. I like to challenge the status quo and test my limits to better stretch them.
Two years ago, I made the leap from the safety of full-time jobs to the unknown of entrepreneurship. Before that, I followed a path that could be classified as rather conventional : business school, summer jobs, internships and full-time jobs. I worked in various fields and industries: financial audit in the mining industry, human resources within a marketing company and management consulting services.

I dream of a life of adventure.s.

Nomad at heart and citizen of the world, I caught the travel bug at an early age. I went on my first trip at a month old. Since then, I have visited 27 countries. French and Malagasy are my mother tongues. I learnt English and Spanish at school which I was able to improve by living in Toronto, London and Barcelona. In Montreal, English is also part of my daily life.

Above all, I love to feel  f r e e .

Wishing to express my wanderlust and ignite it in others, I created this blog to inspire you travel with style

Always ready for new adventures, I aspire to inspire and bring good vibes wherever I go.
On this blog and on the newsletter, I share my experiences, thoughts, aspirations, inspirations under three main categories:


Thank you for joining me in this adventure!


– Hasina