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Fresh Start

I trust that it is still time to wish you a beautiful autumn!

September (I know we are in October… already) for me, has always rhymed with “fresh start”, new challenges; in short, a new year during the year. And I count on this last quarter to finish the year in style, regardless of how it started.

I believe in the power of words. I try to choose wisely the ones I use, verbally and in my head, but also those surrounding me.
Three sentences particularly guide me during this “new year”, sentences¹ that can be found every day in my office.

Let's get lost

Let’s Get Lost – with UP –

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Today is not my birthday and I don’t have nothing in particular to celebrate either. Still, this post is about parties and celebration.

The older I get, the less I party. Well, I have never been a party animal either but even for my birthday, christmas, new year, I don’t organize parties or dinners. (Well, now I sound really boring…) I thought I was fine with that. Actually, I am. But, at the same time, I miss not celebrating… Confused? Let me clarify myself.

Birthday cake

Last November

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Unfinished – Series

In the “things I started and I have not finished …” category, today I’ll talk about … <drum roll> … series!

I don’t watch TV a lot. However, I am a huge fan of series (TV, Netflix, web …).
My obsessive side sometimes leads me to a phase of series bulimia during which I religiously watch a series’ entire season in a month (at a rate of one or two episodes a night); I already spent an entire weekend slumped in front of the screen to binge watch the full season of my favorite series of the moment (hashtags: 24hinfrontof24, no life, zombiemode).

However, as soon as I get bored, I stop watching the series completely.

So here is my list of unfinished series.


Un p'tit tour et puis s'en va... ~ Costa Rica

Gone, baby, gone… ~ Costa Rica

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Authentically Yours

I have always preferred blogs to magazines, as I have always preferred one on one discussions to group discussions (unless the group consists of passionate people as they tend to be enthralling :)). I like deep conversations and quickly get tired of small talks.

I like the uniqueness and the engaged side of a blog. In my opinion, writing a blog should be done with passion and without pressure, the challenge as a blogger resides in being and staying true to oneself. And it is this last point that I want to address in this article. In a society where how we should be takes precedence over who we actually are¹, one can get lost easily and quickly.

We want to please, often at the risk of getting lost.

Get Lost | Available on

Get Lost | T-shirt “Voyageuse” |

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