NYC is always a good idea

Be it for a day, a weekend, a long weekend or a week…
Be it in winter, spring, summer or fall…

NYC is always a good idea

_lsw_Central Park-3

Spring has (finally) sprung!

I need to recharge the batteries after too long hibernation in Montreal. Where else in the world to get an energy boost if not in the city that never sleeps? My last visit here was in 2012, at the exact same period: Easter long weekend.
So here I am, four years later. So much has changed in my life – personally (I lived in four cities) and professionally (I quit my job, traveled the world and created a startup in e-commerce), but the Big Apple remains the same: hectic, magnetic, vibrant… energizing.

New York, I ♡ U

_lsw_NY - Love-2

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Welcome to the Wanderlust section of this blog!

Wanderlust is one of my favorite words in English (in fact derived from German)… Globetrotter, nomad at heart, citizen of the world, no matter the name, I caught the travel bug at a very young age. At one month old, my mother took me to the east coast of Madagascar, at an hour’s flight from the capital so I could get some vitamine sea. During my childhood and my teenage years, my family and I had the opportunity to travel, my mother working in an airline company. So, we travelled greatly. These trips have contributed so much to enrich my inner world; quickly, traveling became a passion. I try to visit a new country (or at least, a new city) every year and having a travel project in mind fills me with joy. I’ve made sure to move and travel quite a lot over the past few years.

Sneakers, Suitcase. Let's Go!

Sneakers On, Suitcase Ready, Let’s Go!

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